“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” ~Rumi

At the age of 5, an innocent pony ride at her friend’s birthday party ignited her evolving passion for horses. Since then, Diane Panetta has been working with, on, and around horses in all areas including riding, photographing, training, and working to help others, both humans and horses, co-create desired partnerships by utilizing more effective communication skills.

After a childhood spent in Thomaston, CT, Diane went to college in New Jersey. The day after she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, she began driving west to Colorado to work as a wrangler at a guest ranch, where her passion for photographing horses came to life. Several seasons, a Master’s degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology/Body Psychotherapy, and many horses later, Diane has chosen to dedicate herself to her passions.

In 2010, she fulfilled a horse training apprenticeship at Whispering Willows Ranch, in Steamboat Springs, CO, which led her to her current position as Executive Director of the newly founded non-profit organization, Rescued to Ride ( Rescued to Ride is an organization devoted to providing critical training to “rescue horses” through the cooperative efforts of professional trainers and non-profit horse rescue organizations in need of assistance.  Along with serving the unwanted horse population, Diane is also growing her own line of greeting cards, and pursuing further photo opportunities throughout the state.

Her photographs include horses from private owners and ranches, as well as several from Colorado Horse Rescue, where she volunteered for over four years while living in Boulder County. Diane enjoys focusing strongly on each horse’s facial characteristics, and finds beautiful and unique truths in their expressions. Some photographs have been taken while on horseback and carry forth elements of the equine perspective. The purity, spirit, and soul of these great animals has continued to grow her passion towards them, and further into a life she loves.

*A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Rescued to Ride, and other organizations benefiting horses in need.*

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